30 Places to Fly Fish in Utah

30 Places to Fly Fish in Utah

Utah boasts some of the most scenic and diverse fly fishing destinations in the United States, offering anglers a chance to reel in trophy-sized trout amidst breathtaking landscapes. From high mountain streams to serene lakes and winding rivers, here are 30 of the best places to fly fish in Utah.

1. **Green River**: Known for its crystal-clear waters and abundant trout population, the Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam is a fly fishing paradise.

2. **Provo River**: This iconic river offers excellent fishing year-round, with blue-ribbon sections and opportunities to catch brown, rainbow, and cutthroat trout.

3. **Weber River**: Just a short drive from Salt Lake City, the Weber River is prized for its strong population of brown trout and scenic beauty.

4. **Strawberry Reservoir**: Famous for its trophy cutthroat and rainbow trout, Strawberry Reservoir is a must-visit destination for fly fishing enthusiasts.

5. **Logan River**: Located in the Cache Valley, the Logan River provides a tranquil setting for fly fishing, with good numbers of brown and rainbow trout.

6. **Uinta Mountains**: This vast wilderness area is dotted with pristine lakes and streams, offering solitude and great fishing for adventurous anglers.

7. **Lower Provo River**: Below Deer Creek Reservoir, the Lower Provo River is known for its prolific insect hatches and large trout.

8. **Fish Lake**: Nestled in the Fishlake National Forest, Fish Lake is home to giant lake trout and offers a unique fishing experience.

9. **Bear River**: Flowing through northern Utah, the Bear River provides opportunities to catch cutthroat, brown, and rainbow trout.

10. **Diamond Fork River**: A lesser-known gem, the Diamond Fork River near Spanish Fork offers scenic beauty and good trout fishing.

11. **Lake Powell**: While primarily known for boating and recreation, Lake Powell also offers excellent fishing for striped bass and other species.

12. **Fish Creek**: A tributary of the Green River, Fish Creek is a small stream with a healthy population of wild trout.

13. **Sevier River**: The upper stretches of the Sevier River near Panguitch provide fantastic fly fishing for rainbow and brown trout.

14. **East Canyon Reservoir**: Close to Salt Lake City, East Canyon Reservoir is stocked with trout and provides a convenient fishing getaway.

15. **Mantua Reservoir**: This scenic reservoir in northern Utah offers good fishing for bass, trout, and perch.

16. **Upper Stillwater Reservoir**: Accessible via the Mirror Lake Highway, Upper Stillwater Reservoir is a serene spot for fly fishing.

17. **Duchesne River**: Flowing through the Uinta Mountains, the Duchesne River offers solitude and great fishing for wild trout.

18. **Rockport Reservoir**: Known for its clear waters and healthy trout population, Rockport Reservoir is a favorite among anglers.

19. **Huntington Creek**: A small stream in central Utah, Huntington Creek provides a challenging but rewarding fishing experience.

20. **Uinta Lakes**: Numerous high-elevation lakes in the Uinta Mountains offer excellent fly fishing for brook, cutthroat, and rainbow trout.

21. **Jordanelle Reservoir**: Close to Park City, Jordanelle Reservoir is a popular spot for fly fishing, especially for rainbow trout.

22. **Boulder Mountain**: This scenic area in southern Utah is dotted with alpine lakes and streams teeming with trout.

23. **Fish Creek Reservoir**: Located in the Uinta Mountains, Fish Creek Reservoir is a quiet fishing destination with good trout fishing.

24. **Blind Lake**: A remote lake in the Uintas, Blind Lake offers a true wilderness fishing experience with the chance to catch wild trout.

25. **Mirror Lake**: Accessible via the Mirror Lake Highway, Mirror Lake is surrounded by stunning scenery and offers good fishing for trout.

26. **Lost Creek Reservoir**: Tucked away in the mountains, Lost Creek Reservoir is a hidden gem for anglers seeking solitude and good fishing.

27. **Johnson Reservoir**: This reservoir in southern Utah provides a peaceful setting for fly fishing, with opportunities to catch trout.

28. **Parowan Creek**: A small stream in southwestern Utah, Parowan Creek offers a tranquil escape and decent trout fishing.

29. **Lake Mary**: One of the Big Cottonwood Canyon lakes, Lake Mary is stocked with trout and provides easy access for anglers.

30. **Baker Reservoir**: Near St. George, Baker Reservoir offers warmwater fishing for bass, catfish, and sunfish, providing a different angling experience in Utah.

Whether you're a seasoned angler or new to fly fishing, Utah's diverse waters offer something for everyone. From pristine mountain streams to expansive reservoirs, each of these 30 destinations promises unforgettable fishing experiences amidst stunning natural beauty.