Add More Pink to Fly Fishing

Add More Pink to Fly Fishing

What is pink? Pink is much more than a color for us. Pink is our goal when it comes to the type of mentality we want to develop surrounding fly fishing. 

Fly fishing is more intimidating than it needs to be. I think the perception that fly fishing is more intimidating for girls might stem from traditional gender stereotypes associated with outdoor activities. Fly fishing has often been portrayed as a rugged and masculine pursuit, which can make it feel less inclusive for girls. However, there's absolutely no reason why anyone, regardless of gender, can't excel at and enjoy fly fishing. It might just take breaking down some of those old stereotypes and showing that anyone can rock those waders!


Fly fishing, in particular, has sometimes been depicted as a technical and skill-intensive sport, which might contribute to the perception of it being more intimidating. The equipment and techniques involved can seem complex to beginners, regardless of gender. Additionally, if there is a lack of representation of women in fly fishing communities or media, it may reinforce the idea that it's not a common or comfortable activity for women.

It's important to note that these perceptions are changing, and more women are becoming involved in traditionally male-dominated outdoor activities. Efforts to promote inclusivity and diversity in outdoor pursuits are underway, with organizations and individuals working to break down stereotypes and encourage people of all genders to explore and enjoy activities like fly fishing. As with any hobby or sport, the key is creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone, regardless of gender.

Making fly fishing less intimidating is the root of why our clothes are PINK!