Fly Fishing Boats: Flats vs Drift

What type of boat should I get for fly fishing? 

So growing up we always had two boats for fly fishing on lakes, a flats boat, and a drift boat. Although we do not live near the ocean, we have a flats boat from Florida. We use the boats for different lakes, and different things. 


Brand: Ankona Copperhead Flats Boat. 

These boats are amazing. We take ours to bigger lakes near where we live. On the front, we also have a troller motor so we can drift along at right speed for our flies and for the fish. You can cast on the casting deck, and there's a lot of storage. 

Drift Boat

Brand: RO Driftboats 

For the driftboat, we have a trolley motor off the back that is hooked up to a battery. This way we can go lake fishing. We also have a fish finder that indicates the depth of the water, as well as the fish.