Let's talk fly line...

Let's talk fly line...

1-Which fly line should I get if I'm fishing for trout?

RIO Gold

RIO Elite Sub-Surface Camolux 

2-I'm confused why there are so many different line weights, colors, and pricing?

  • Line weights correspond to fly rod weights
  • Match fly rod weight to fly line weight
  • 5 wt fly rod 5 vt line
  • Don't worry about color
  • Think lower number smaller the fish
  • 3 wt small trout 12 wt big ocean fish
  • The Avid Gold is a great line if you are just getting into fly fishing. 

3-When should I fish a floating line?

  • Think floating line when fishing rivers or dry flies
  • Sinking lines for lakes or fishing streamers or critters than live below the

4-What about knots and line care?

-Check out our other videos about line care!